GEIGY CHEMICAL CORPORATION, USA An Example of Integrated Advertising joh^GrX Ein Beispiel integrierter Werbung Markus u Un brillant exemple de publicité intégrée Fredwi g j William B. McDonald Theo Wti J. R. Geigy S.A. is an important Swiss chemical enterprise with headquarters in Basle and affiliate companies in all parts of the world. Its publicity in the USA is directed by the Geigy Chemical Corporation of Ardsley (New York). The extensive advertising is addressed mainly to trade and industry and on a much smaller scale to the general public. The professed aim of the advertising artists at Ardsley, with Fred Troller as Art Director, is not only to do good, purposeful advertising design, but to make their own contribution to the development of the company's corporate image. A major article was devoted to the Geigy image in European countries in Graphis 68 ten years ago. Editor Die J. R. Geigy AG, ein schweizerisches Grossunternehmen der chemischen In dustrie mit Hauptsitz in Basel, hat Tochtergesellschaften in allen Teilen der Welt. Die umfangreiche Werbung in den USA wird von der Geigy Chemical Corporation in Ardsley (New York) selbst konzipiert. Sie richtet sich zum grossen Teil an die Fach- welt, zum kleineren direkt an den Verbraucher. Das Graphikerteam der Werbeabteilung Ardsley, mit Fred Troller als Art Director, sieht seine Aufgabe nicht nur darin, gute und zweckmassige Werbegraphik zu machen, es leistet mit seiner Arbeit auch einen wichtigen Beitrag an das gesamte Geigy-Image. Graphis hat bereits vor zehn Jahren in Nr. 68 der Geigy-Werbung in Europa einen umfangreichen Artikel «Ein konsequent durchgeführter Firmenstil» gewidmet. Redaktion Progressive companies can no longer afford to allow their advertising to go its own way. Instead, it must be made into a constituent part of the various selling activities that are today grouped under the heading of 'marketing'. Every leaflet or ad then serves a double purposein ad dition to furnishing information and advertising an individual product, it also falls into place as a tessera in the ever-growing mosaic of the firm's corporate image. If only because of the keenness of present-day competition, the conception and graphic execution of any piece of ad vertising must be carefully adapted to a market situation that has been explored in all its ramifications. The times are past when a commercial artist, working on his own, could have a bright idea that would send sales figures rocketing dramatically. This does not mean that there is no room left for intuitive creative achievementson the contrary, the more talented an artist is in this field, the more enthusiastically will he face the challenge of putting over his message effectively within the limits imposed by the overall situation. La maison J. R. Geigy S.A. est une grande entreprise de l'industrie chimique s-sc ayant son siège a Bale et des sociétés affiliées dans toutes les parties du monde. j:st la Geigy Chemical Corporation a Ardsley (New York) qui s'occupe elle-même <isa vaste publicité aux Etats-Unis. La plus grande partie de cette publicité s'adresjfiu monde industriel et la plus faible directement aux consommateurs. L'équipe des a phistes d'Ardsley, sous la conduite de Fred Troller, ne se contente pas de créeihc publicité soignée et efficace mais contribue a répandre l'image de Geigy a travf* lc monde. Graphis a consacré dans son N° 68, il y a dix ans déja, un article cirt-.s tancié a la publicité européenne de Geigy. La Rédaction l)-3) From a series of two-colour trade ads for Geigy dyestuffs, offering free technical se ;c. 4) From a series of mailers for a drug against obesity. l)-3) Aus einer Serie zweifarbiger Fachzeitschriften-Inserate für den technischen Dienst der Le mittelabteilung. 4) Aus einer Serie Werbeblatter für ein Mittel gegen Fettleibigkeit. 1)~3) Exemples d'une série d'annonces de revues techniques pour les colorants Geigyavec of de service technique gratuit. 4) Prospectus pour un médicament contre l'obésité. An advertising programme is fully integrated only when its effejis powerful enough to play a major part in determining a corporate iff e. Geigy advertising is an example of this successful integration. The successful deployment of vital creative potentialities is often e- vented by the habit of thinking in categories. This frequently lead to product and company advertising being divided both in concept art in application because they are regarded as two essentially different ph.'s Geigy is aware that every advertisement is to some extent a key tehe attitude of the company in general. Every printed communicatiefs therefore planned to strengthen the impression of an achievement b :d on scientific knowledge, of a belief in the power of the pictorial and of confidence in modern media of expression. The designer list identify himself with this approach if he is to succeed in implantingis message. The immediate object of an advertisement is thereby broi v into relation with the character of the enterprise as a whole and isi- riched by the overtones thus imparted to it. [Deutscher Text: Seite 400 Texte francais: page 405] 396

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