Konstantin Jacobj What you can make out of waste 518 We present on the following pages a sampling of the work selected for distinction by the Art Directors Club of Germany and included in its 1979 and 1980 annuals. Earlier reviews of West German graphic design will be found in Graphis 183 and 195It has been impossible to translate all the copy of the work shown here into English and French, partly for lack of space and partly because advertising copy often defies adequate translation; the first criterion of our choice has in any case been design excellence. The credits, which in the annuals are fairly exhaustive, have also had to be simplified somewhat and cut down to manageable proportions. The actual annuals can be obtained from Art Directors Club Verlag GmbH, Grabenstrasse 2, D-4000 Düsseldorf. In addition to awarding gold, silver and bronze medals, the German ADC also gives its accolade to Evergreensadver tising campaigns that have been continued with signal success over long periods. All these distinctions are noted in our captions. The author of our text is a copywriter member of the West German ADC. Editor Auf den folgenden Seiten prasentieren wir eine Auswahl von Arbeiten, die vom Art Directors Club für Deutschland ausgezeichnet und in den Jahrbiichern 1979 und 1980 vorgestellt wurden. Der Graphik-Design-Szene Westdeutschlands haben wir bereits in Graphis 183 und 195 Artikel gewidmet. Aus Platzgründen mussten wir die Credits, die in den ADC-Jahrbiichern ziemlich umfangreich sind, auf einen etwas konzentrierteren Nenner bringen. Die Jahrbücher können beim Art Directors Club Verlag, Grabenstrasse 2, D-4000 Düsseldorf, bezogen werden. Zusatzlich zu den Gold-, Silber- und Bronzemedaillen ver- leiht der Art Directors Club für Deutschland auch «Evergreen»-Auszeichnungen, und zwar für Werbekampa- gnen, die über langere Zeit erfolgreich waren. Alle diese Auszeichnungen sind in unseren Bildlegenden erwahnt. Der Autor unseres Artikels ist ein bekannter Texter und Mit- glied des Art Directors Club fur Deutschland. Redaktion On trouvera sur les pages qui suivent un florilège des travaux sélectionnés par l'Art Directors Club allemand pour ses Annuels de 1979 et 1980. Nous avons déja présenté la scène graphique ouest-allemande dans Graphis 183 et 195. Pour les travaux reproduits ici, il n'a pas été possible de traduire tous les textes en fransais et en anglais, soit que nous ne disposions pas d'assez de place, soit que les textes publici- taires ne se prêtent pas a la traduction. Notre critère principal de sélection a de toute fa$on été la qualité du design. Les crédits abondamment développés dans les Annuels sont ici quelque peu simplifiés et réduits a des proportions plus modestes. Les Annuels en question ont été publiés aux Editions Art Directors Club Verlag GmbH, Grabenstrasse 2, D-4000 Düsseldorf. Outre ses médailles d'or, d'argent et de bronze, l'ADC allemand distingue aussi les evergreens, soit les campagnes publicitaires a succès s'étendant sur de longues périodes. Tous les lauréats sont signalés dans nos légendes. L'auteur de notre texte est un rédacteur-créateur de textes membre de l'ADC ouest-allemand. Ea Rédaction What you see on the following pages is waste. It is what the pec le who bought a newspaper or an illustrated magazine in Germ'iy in the last two years didn't really want. They wanted the story of re deserted Princess Caroline, pictures of the Pope's visit to Germany, re next instalment of the serial novel or next week's television program e. Not the purple Milka cow, not the Jiigermeister wisecrack and not te word-plays on the shots of Wrangler jeans. All the handsome adverting that the Art Directors Club of Germany has again turned into expense annuals was as unwelcome to most people as the cup that yoghou.is sold in: an unavoidable appurtenance to the tasty contents. And fluit precisely the reason why there has to be an Art Directors Club witl'ts medals and annuals. Those who pass their lives producing sometbg that nobody really wants need a corner where they get patted on the t;k from time to time. If I were an architect, I could one day drive through town with my >n and point out to him all the big buildings I would have to my credit, pit having become a copywriter, the best I can do is press a few annuals ko his hands. (I take leave to doubt whether that will make anything like ie same impression on him.) But the Art Directors Club and its annuals have another function, ,o. 1 Not the function you'll find set down in the statutes of these clubah over the worldthe promotion of high-quality advertising, the encq- ragement of the younger generation of graphic designers and all tBse pious hopes. But something to my mind far more important: thaüf being, as other associations are in other branches, a thorn in the sidnf the apostles of pragmatism, those mediocre bores and smart cynics \id are always talking of the bad taste of the masses, whereas in reality! is their own taste. As architects these people pollute my environment with drip housing estates and uninspired concrete blocks. As poster designers fry disfigure the streets, as politicians they hobble me with endless rega- tions, as publishers they dull my spirit with potboilers, as adverti rs they insult me with platitudes. 'That's what the people want. Okay. 's shoddy, but after all it's cheap. The consumer knows no better, see have to get at him his own way.' It's bad enough to hear this kind of cynicism dished out by clients., 's worseand unfortunately more frequentcoming from the moutl af agency people. They call it a professional approach. I see it as a r.te cover-up. The fact is that they too would make human, frier,v. appealing and intelligent pictures, copy and layouts if they only co d. Proof of this is supplied annually when competitions are organized- in Germany by the advertising pressto pick the agency, the campan, the poster and the advertisement of the year. The jury here doesot consist of members of the Art Directors Club, of far-out creative spits or of design professors but of run-of-the-mill advertisers, marke ig men, advertising consultants and agency proprietors. But the win rs are regularly the same as are selected by the Art Directors Club: vrk that doesn't put its trust in dull clichés and platitudes but that really ids to awaken the interest and the sympathy of the reader among all t jse more lip-smacking reports on Caroline's unhappy love affair ancjhe exciting pictures of the Pope's visit. The annuals of the Art Directors Club are accordingly true recorc of advertising and not documentary evidence of what financially powi ul concerns stick down the throats of unwilling readers. [Continued on page J CX: Ctl

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