1 1970-98C A Decade in Drawings Ein Jahrzehnt in Zeichnunge Une décennie dessinée Jean-Francois Revel [Deutscher Text: Seite 564] [Texte frangais: page 566] What we are dealing with is the convergence of a situation, a character and a line, which fuse in an unexpected yet apposite idea that may be either comic or tragic but is mostly comic. There may also be several characters, the situation may be either a real event or a mere comment, the drawing may border on the realistic portrait or the purposeful caricature. But none of the ingredients can be left out if we want a complete picture of Tim's art and its unique quality. The proper function of the political cartoonist is that of catching a situation, a character or characters in one brief, telling sketch. But political cartoonists are never great draughtsmen. Tim, however, isthe first and only one in the history of the political cartoon. Why is it that satirical caricaturists are almost always good or even great draughtsmen, while political cartoonists are not? Nobody could say that Herblock is bad at drawing. But what collector would buy a Herblock just for its artistic value? If the idea I mentioned above as being at once unexpected and apposite, if the point, that is, escapes you, you can derive little pleasure from the drawing alone. A drawing by Tim, on the other hand, is first and foremost a drawing. His witty line is primarily a graphic line and would retain its validity even if its mean ing defied interpretation. That was true, somebody will probably object, of Daumier too. Not exactly, to my mind. For even when Daumier entered the realm of politics, he remained essentially a moralist. It is always tht general aspect of political evils or the vagaries of justice that interests him. Ev whe he draws a caricature of a specific personage, Daumier shows hi in tb essence of his character rather than in a specific situation. The political cartoonist, by contrast, always sets out from a pjticuk situation, and I would go so far as to say that the artist's perspicjty an inventive originality are often in inverse ratio to the ephemeral! of tt occasion. The rapidity of his summing-up reflects the suddennft of tl happening. And when his sharp glance crystallizes out a fine Jiwinj the balancing of idea, form and event strikes a spark of euphoric,,dicul of bitter enjoyment. Tim is consequentlyamong other things, but perhaps wve elsea political editorialist or leader-writer. The political ecbriab can be distinguished from the general political writer becauseike ti political cartoonist, he almost always sets out from a particul ever,! even if he derives wider conclusions from it. The talent of the ediriali j whether he is a writer or a draughtsman, is that of extracting thpiddt or as yet only implicit meaning from a single event clearly define n tiry and place. He may write or draw well or not so wellthat is of sonda 1 importance. It is rare in fact for an editorialist to be an artist in t use 0 either the word or the line. In the drawing domain, Tim is for meie oi cartoonist in France who is at the same time a political an: st ai a great artist. Another fundamental feature of his art is that he does noreset) Tim, whose full name is Louis Mitelberg and who was the subject of earlie rticles Graphis 107 and 144, is one of Europe's most celebrated and longest-ablisl political cartoonists. He has also illustrated numbers of books. A selec t of cartoons done for the French weekly L'Express, covering the last ten ars, recently been published by Albin Michel, Paris, under the title of Décennie de w, to: offered as a gift to the magazine's subscribers (and therefore not for sale). Wwsei brief sampling of its contents. Editor n Tim, der eigentlich Louis Mitelberg heisst und den wir unseren Lesemereits friiheren Artikeln vorgestellt haben (Graphis 107 und 144), zahlt zu den lang führenden politischen Karikaturisten Europas. Er hat auch zahlreiche 1 hei 14 striert. Eine Auswahl seiner Karikaturen für das französische Wocllmag L'Express, die er wahrend der letzten zehn Jahren gemacht hat, wurde k lich Albin Michel unter dem Titel décennie dessinée herausgegeben und den Aboi nt( 1 Express als Geschenk offeriert. Das Buch ist nicht kauflich. Wir zeigen uns hier ein paar Beispiele daraus. Redaktion Les Nous avons déja présenté Tim, de son vrai nom Louis Mitelberg, a nos k ursd Graphis 107 et 144. C'est incontestablement l'un des trés grands ma-& dt caricature politique en Europe, et ce depuis fort longtemps. Tim a aussi illu: nom d'ouvrages. Albin Michel a récemment publié une anthologie de ses dessinsrus d L'Express ces dix dernières années sous le titre de décennie dessinée, livre qui té 0/ comme cadeau aux abonnés de l'hebdomadaire. C'est un aper^u de eet ouvraj.-E'- 1 aimerions donner ici a nos lecteurs. La Rédaction TIM (Louis Mitelberg) 560

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