Airbrush Malkurse WETTBEWERBS ERGEBNIi CROWE CO. LTD. INTERNATIONAL FORWARDING AGENTS IN SWITZERLAND We cover every aspect of worldwide International For warding, by all means of transport. Why not take advantage of our experience? Highly qualified experts provide top service and security in shipping Works of Art. Contact us for Transportation, Packing, Insurance, Customs Formalities, Storage and Door to Door Delivery. BASEL - BUCHS - CHIASSO - GENEVA - ZURICH BASEL AIRPORT - GENEVA AIRPORT - ZURICH AIRPORT lm internationalen Wettbewerb der Vereinten Nationen für die Gestaltung von UNO-Briefmarken zu dem Them »HUMAN ENVIRONMENT*» (Menschliche Umwelt) 1981 wurden von der Jury in New York samtliche Preise in die Bundesrepublik Deutschland, an die Studierende der Hamburger Kunstschule Alsterdamm vergeben, sie erhielten drei 1. Preise, einen 2. und 3. Preis, sowiezci Anerkennungen. Insgesamt an Geldpreisen 5700. Hamburg, New York ao LiLiJ common acceptance and understanding. The book actually fills the gap between the numerous dictionaries of historic symbols and the living visual language. Naturally, it cannot be complete, but it contains an impressive number of clichés and of works that demonstrate their imaginative use. In his foreword, the famous George Lois expresses his hope that 'this wonderful, needed volume will stir new interest in this enormous reservoir of creative tools', hj William Steig Drawings. Introduction by Lilian Ross. Farrar, Straus Giroux, New York, co-published in Great Britain by Faber and Faber. 19.90 or William Steig's name will be familiar to all those who have ever looked at a copy of the New Yorker, since it was in this magazine that his first drawings were published fifty years ago and this association has continued to date. Others will possess some or all of his books and some may even remember an article on William Steig which appeared in Graphis in 1946! Most of the 237 drawings shown in the present book have been published in the New Yorker in the past decade. Over the years, Steig's style has changed: angles and straight lines have given way to gliding, spinning lines that seem to have added a new dimension to his special kind of humour, hj The New York School. The Painters and Sculptors of the Fifties. By Irving Sat r. 0 pages, with 22 black-and-white illustrations and S colour plates. Harper Row, PublishNt York, Hagerstown, San Francisco and London. S29.9J.What is known as the Nö Yar School emerged around 1950 from Abstract Expressionism, America's great c triba tion to the art of the twentieth century. It was a loose community based priir|ily a personal relationships. Irving Sandler, who traces its origins and developmen'n tbi book, teaches modern art at the State University of New York and has already W'jenpi The Triumph of American Painting, a historical survey of Abstract Expression^Tb artists who belonged to the New York School may be divided into a first and ocon- generation, as they are in Appendices A and B of this book. The first generatiomosö born just after 1900, includes such artists as De Kooning, Kline, Motherwell and taks but also Jackson Pollock, and many of the artists considered in the opening chapti are i fact thought of primarily as action or gesture painters. Among the representativbf tb second generation we find Dine, Held, Johns, Katz, Kelly, Noland, Olc 1 utj Rauschenberg, Rivers, Segal and Stella; the art forms dealt with include asseolagi environments and happenings, hard-edge and colour-field painting. These relöp ments extend into the sixties, when, with the advent of Pop, Minimal and Concep 1 At the contours of the New York School began to lose definition, sm (mit Druckluft-Spritzpistole) Wochenend- und Ferienintensivkurse im Atelier Kutschenhof Schlatt (Schweiz) Verschiedene moderne Maler arbeiten mit dieser faszinierenden Technik. Hier haben Sie das erste Mai Gelegenheit diese neuartige Maltechnik gründlich zu erlernen. In der reizvollen Umgebung von Schlatt haben Sie zudem viele Möglichkeiten für Ausflüge und Sport. Ich interessiere mich für Unterlagen Strasse/Nr Plz./Ort senden an Atelier Kutschenhof CH-8251 Schlatt/TG (bei Schaffhausen)

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