BRAINS MUST BACK TUG PROCGSS BARTLGTT ORR PRGSS TO MAK€ YOUR PRINTING S€LL WG have adopted the Jean Berté Water-Color printing process as a definite step forward in the mabing of sales-compelling illustrations. We know that a technical process can express only the strength of the ideas that flow through its mechanism. Baching our complete technical equipment for engraving and printing is a versatile creative organisation for mer chandising study and planning, copy and editorial service, photography, illustration and design in any medium, and a daily round-table of the whole group of executives and department heads that gets quick, intelligent co-ordinated action on all work in process. During more than half a century our distinguished printing for business has included many pioneer "firsts" The FIRST Illustrated Catalogue The FIRST Phantom Illustration The FIRST Commercial Use of Half-tone Engraving The FIRST Bicycle Catalogue The FIRST Automobile Catalogue and nowThe FIRST Automobile Sales Portfolio De Luxe Produced this Fall in Berte Water-ColoTS PGRHAPS YOU NGGD Nos. 461-479 €IGHTM AV€NU€ N€W YORK CITY -♦ This insert was printed at the same time and with the same inks as the frontispiece leaf in this issue of "Advertising Art." To reproduce Mrs. Hammed s charming water-color painting ten impressions were used, only five of which were required for the Bernhard poster

Advertising Arts en | 1930 | | page 100