J. low can you use Art as a profit-maker in your business? Its an old story now that a few judicious touches of red, yellow and hlue will sell more kitchen- ware at a better profit. Also you are a little frightened at the idea of calling in a long-haired art expert who may be good enough at his own game but a complete washout in horse sense and practicality. Every practical male has observed the fickle female avidly buying new, gorgeously-packaged face creams, in preference to the old reliable kind put up in white prescription jars. And few high-powered executives have escaped seduction by golf hose and pyjamas deliberately designed to inspire possessive desires. You are convinced beyond reasonable doubt that Art can make merchandise more desirable, and often better suited to its purposes. But your chief engineer has not taken a course at the Art Students League. And your Sales Manager has never lived in Green wich Village or the Latin Quarter of dear old Paris. The purpose of Industrial Art Counsel, Inc., is to enable business men to employ art profitably and without too much exasperation due to tempera ments, parlor pink ideas and art for art's sake. 10 H

Advertising Arts en | 1930 | | page 18