Industrial Art Counsel Jnc The organization can offer fresh material and viewpoints to manufacturers in such fields as glass ware, china, pottery, silverware, kitchenware, furniture, floor coverings, wall decorations, lighting fixtures, bathroom equipment, jewelry, books, automobiles and food products. The styling of wearing apparel and the design of textiles are within the scope of Industrial Art Counsel. The executives of this organization have had long experience in turning art to business purposes. They advise with the business executive, grasp his ideas, purposes and requirements, and interpret them to the proper art sources. An adequate staff is maintained for preliminary formulations and suggestions. And artists of high reputation, designers, colorists, stylists, archi tects and decorators are available as consultants. If your product is not subject to improvement in form or color, I. A. C. can help you create more at tractive or convenient packaging. You may need a letter-head designed, or you may be planning a store interior, an executive office layout, a distinctive chain store front, or a delivery truck that everyone will recognize as yours. It doesn't matter what your re quirements may be, you can get service through this organization advice, general suggestions, detailed plans or drawings, finished work, supervision of pro duction or construction, etc. ts in TIoW can you increase profits your business through the use of Art Consult with us and permit us to offer suggestions. You incur no charge or obligation for preliminary conferences. 11 East 38th Street New York Directors DAVID B. HILLS CHARLES W. NORTH SIDNEY E. KASSELL 11 k

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