si new and distinctive display letter illl addition til flic celebrated Futura Family which holds <p*eat possibilities for flic advertiser. Advertising iUnnn«jers, Printers and Typographers who ;i|»|»rccintc the soundness of uiodern art will acclaim it. The artistic merit evinced by Futura lllnck may he employed with advantage, either hy itself, or in comhination with other Futura faces. Cast in sizes from 24 to i!4 point on the American point system. Specimens of these faces will he forwarded upon request. 15 FIITBKA BLACK ISA» tilt STOCKED WITH: The Turner Type Founders Company, Chicago, Illinois; t|PWril|^ |^jki| %1|A||%T I Cleveland, O.; Detroit, Michigan; Machine Composition Co., Boston; III lit r 'III AlPlk I lAli Emile Riehl& Sons, Philadelphia, represented BY: Norman F.Hall Co., San Francisco, Cal.; Pelouze Printers Supply Co., Richmond,Virginia; 235-247 East 45th Street, New York Independent Printers Supply, Inc., Los Angeles, Cal.; J. C. Niner Co., Baltimore, Md.; Southern Inventory Appraisal Co., Memphis, Tenn.; J.R.Nevraumont Son, Portland, Ore.; F. J. Finck, San Antonio, Tex.

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