A DYE R T I S I N G A R T S JANUARY 8 1 9 3 C V D V E R T l S I N G SELLING 16 SECTION OF ADVERTISING SELLING FREDERICK C. KENDALL, AVifor Ruth Fleischer, Associate Art as a Means to an End By Earnest Elmo Calkins 17 Lawrence Rosaan Appreciation By Rene Clarke 24 Modern Layouts Must Sell Rather than Startle By Frank H. Young 25 Package Labels Deserve Artistic Treatment 28-29 Jam and Preserve Containers Designed by IFalter Dorwin Teague 30 A Legal Tender Subject By Paul Hollister 31 Putting Reauty into Industry By Lucian Bertihard 33 Modernizing the Trademark By Clarence P. Hornung 42 British Empire Marketing Posters Designed by Clare Leigh ton 46-47 Art Differs From Literature in This: By Rockwell Kent 48 Photograph for Weber Heilbroner By Anton Bruehl 49 Photograph for Victor Records By Ralph Steiner 50 The Latin Quarter Goes Commercial By Amos Stole 51 The Work of Ivo Pannaggi OD 55 Photograph for Ford Motor Company By Charles Sheeler 56 The Bolshevik Billboard By Hall Read 57 Earl Horter: An Artist's Artist By Paul Lewis 65 NUMBER NINE E AST THIRTY-EIGHTH S T REE T, N E IV YORK CITY

Advertising Arts en | 1930 | | page 24