not to do, however appropriate and innately attractive that idea might be in a virgin field. And so we arrive by easy stages to a multiple of ways of accomplishing the same end, and there is an even greater multitude of other ways. The thing is to avoid harden ing into any one set style or technique or manner, and assuming because that is right and successful for a certain product at a cer tain time it is right for all products at all times. To accept these evolutions required a cer tain amount of imagination on the part of the manufacturer, and it equally demanded imagination on the part of the advertising- reading public. The art directors in dragging the advertisers along this seemingly obvious road have also dragged the public along with them. It would be impossible to do what we do today with advertising art if the public had not been educated at the same time. When the depiction of use had reached a high level of excellence, in which people and landscapes or other backgrounds were drawn or painted with the same technical skill as was exercised in the best illustration or 19

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