"Sam <~-Come Here Please Want You to See ThisV Michigan Beer Binding Ce. Sr IT'S surprising how many times a second and third party are called in to watch the unique way Pyramid Sales Portfolios unfold sales stories. From the moment the Pyramid is set up it attracts immediate at tention, and as your salesman progresses this attention is increased to interest, interest is developed into desire and desire into actionin the same masterful manner as though your very best salesman were doing the job personally. Build your sales program in 1930 around the Pyramid- visualselling. It is the most certain of all sales presen tations. Your name on the margin of this ad. will bring complete range of sizes, prices in quantities, etc. 1036 BEAUBIEN ST. DETROIT, MICH. 2 ChrisCraf t Log book is reprotluction of hand crushed leather produced in Fabrikoidflexible and padded. Embossed and colorcraft processed. DeLuxehand tooled genuine leather Memory Hook designed by our hand-craft depart ment Flexible embossed Fabrikoid cata log cover, colorcraft processed, designed by Michigan craftsmen in collaboration with Witte Burden, Incorporated, Detroit, for Mid- West Piping and Supply Company, St. LouisMo. DeLuxe executives correspondence folder of genuine Calfskin, hand tooled and hand laced. The above illustrates the ability of our craftsmen to design, develop and execute unusual effects applic able to books, catalog covers, loose leaf binders, sales manuals, port folios, etc. May we have your in quiry on the next item of this kind requiring the unusual in treatment and design? The illustration shown is our magazine size style "S" Pyramid Sales Portfolio doing its daily taskvisual selling. The human interest pictures above were taken by Pictorial Studios, Boyer Building, Detroit, Mich.

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