m to Mr. Teague. We are indeed entitled to ex pect most satisfying results from this cooper ation of the optical engineer and the artist. Weighing Scale by Joseph Sinel This excellent piece of "art in industry," when placed in many drug stores, beauty par lors and subway stations will do more to tell the public what we mean by "good design" than any article in a magazine. Every detail of this complicated machine is so thought fully taken care of that the many technical liabilities are turned into aesthetic assets. Lighting Fixture by Bruno Paul A striking solution of a lighting fixture. The bulbs by their clever arrangement are made the ornamental feature, the metal parts subordinated, while sufficiently conspicuous. And still, a rich decorative effect is produced. Desk Chair by Lucian Bernhard Made by the E. Wiener Company, Milwau kee, of wood and leather; designed to com bine as well with traditional as with modern wood furniture in a wainscoted, papered, or painted room. The aim is, besides comfort and style, to be a "good mixer." 37

Advertising Arts en | 1930 | | page 51