i Elegance and sophistication are the keynotes of Frankl's designs. Table and, Lamp by Donald Deskey Brushed aluminum tubing is used for the legs, and the same metal for the rings around the lamp. The table top and the body of the lamp is polished black Formica, a Bakelite product. Here the style is strongly deter mined by the material used, and is mastered by good proportions. Wall Bracket by F. A. Breuhaus The coordination of the functional parts (the lighting bulbs) and the decorative parts (the supporting metal tubes) is perfect. The effect is one of richness achieved with most WALL BRACKET BY F. A. BREUHAUS Chair and Table by Donald Deskey Chair and side table are made of chromium plated steel tubing. The top of the table is made of Formica, a Bakelite product. The design is one of the best interpretations of the growing tendency to utilize the uniform quality of metal for mass production of fur niture. It achieves a happy combination of old-fashioned comfort with modern manu facturing methods. Celluloid Toilet Set by P. T. Frankl The chaste simplicity of the outline serves to focus the attention of the beholder to the beauty of this new material called "ameryth." The sparsely inserted ornaments of metal leaf emphasize the grained surface by contrast. WALL BRACKET BY LUCIAN BERNHARD 38

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