and the strong contrast which is provided by the simplicity of the numerals and hands. Grand Piano by F. A. Breuhaus Simple enough in its two-tone design to be produced in volume. The horizontal division of the body serves well to take away much of the usual heaviness of the instrument. The dark center line carries the same level as tables or chair-rails, which is a very impor tant factor in the proportions of an interior. The photograph is taken from the piano used on the S.S. Bremen. Hand Mirror by Gustav Jensen This hand mirror, designed by Gustav Jen sen for the DuPont Company, is a master piece. Utmost simplicity spelling utmost lux ury. It is modernity at its bestand could be three thousand years old just as well. HAND MIRROR BY GUSTAV JENSEN PIANO BY F. A. BREUHAUS IN LEMONWOOD AND MACASSAR EBONY

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