Crier CRIER Ja nu ary FRANKLIN THE FRANKLIN The Franklin Printing Co. Philadelphia, Penna. M., 62 FOUNDED IN I728 BY BENJAMIN FRANKLIN RUSSELL HENDERSON ulus to greater things. He will study the methods of the chain with an in telligence that will be reflected in his own policies; and he will meet com petition not by grumbling and whim pering but by rising up on his hind legs and taking his own part. A new era of retail advertising will arise, and one day, who knows, we may be able actually to buy a necktie, a handker chief or an umbrella from someone who has our interest at heart, who will be courteous and who won't yell to Maizie about "the boy friend" just as we are about to spend a few more More power to the chain stores be cause that will mean more power to the worthwhile retailers. And any worthwhile retailer knows that! INCREDULOUS guffaw a> than a suspicion assails that many a present-day adverti ment is conceived and prepared, 1 to capture the credulity of the pros- thing else in mind, perous public but actually to arouse incredulity. Why any advertiser should inten tionally set out to make his readers presumably serious paid :ult to describe, but 1 simply cannot believe that some bulls were prepared with any- actual example of the type of advertisement I have in mind, I can recall none better than the recent testimonial of Princess Maryanna AUGUST 1928 ELINOR R. GUILD FRANKLIN CRIER FOR MAY 1929 hours to minutes, miles to city blocks Dot so many years ago, the only buyer of printing who gave a moment's thought to having his work done by any printer other than those within the territoria) boundaries of his own city was the one whose require ments called for the help of printers who specialised in the printing of media for his particular product. Similarly, the only printers who gave a moment's thought to soliciting work from other cities were those whose specialty enabled them to overcome the objections of distance between their customers and their plants. To the average printer of those days, distance lent anything but enchantment Today, that is all changedand only in the minds of a few old fellows whose earlier inhibitions cannot, somehow, be overthrown still lingers the thought that the average printer should stick to his own locality Nor are the arguments of these old fellows without logic, for what, in deed, is the sense of giving work to out-of-town printersunless those out-of- town nrinters are equipped to give the buyer something that he can't obtain from ine printers in his own locality? It would be ridiculous for us to say LYLE JUSTIS LEADING ARTISTS DESIGN R. ROBERTS BALDWIN FRANKLIN CRIER

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