BECK GRAVURE A NEW BRANCH OF BECK SERVICE Intaglio tonal effects, when privately printed by hand, have always possessed an unmistakable charm like platinum proofs direct from the photographer's negative. Commercial Intaglio printing could never aspire to this charm because it vanished the moment mechan ical methods were substituted for hand-pulled proofs. A certain coarseness intervened shadows lost important detail and the thing was gone. Now we have Beck Gravure as a new and practical development of the Intaglio process—mechanically applied—with Beck care and precision back of it to sponsor its success. Therefore, those who are forever seeking safe departures from the conven tional, may now add the charm of Intaglio printing to their illustrated work. A booklet has been prepared showing results from a wide variety of subjects indicating that this new branch of Beck service is now in operation and ready for business on both plate-making and printing. Three Plants Located for National Service THE BECK ENGRAVING COMPANY PHILADELPHIA NEW YORK CHICAGO Seventh Sansom Streets 461 Eighth Avenue 21st St. Calumet Avenue 71

Advertising Arts en | 1930 | | page 91