THE PHOTO- ENGRAVER STERLING ENGRAVING COMPANY HE PHOTO-ENGRAVER AM I, conceived in the Beginning, while Mother Earth, still shrouded in darkness, was taking on definite form. At the Dawn, when Man, first communicated with Man, was I Present and with crude flint recorded in Graphs and Symbols, for the Ages to come, the nascent functionings of the New Life. Man grew in Stature, Power and Dominion, Grew I Also. As the rocks and cliffs no longer afforded fitting spaces upon which to delineate the activities of Tribes and Clans, their secrets and diplomacies demanding a more tractable media, I gathered wax of bees and gum of trees, and upon these tablets did I draw and transcribe as Time dictated. With more perfect tools and stored foods, sons of men battling for the richer lands, Commerce made her claims upon Me. Ancient Egypt yielded her se crets of weaving fibre into paper. From priest and cloister I appropriated the Arts they had fostered and with wooden block and stone slab, transferred characters and picturesBooks were made. Peoples multiplied and covered the Earth. The Hand no longer kept pace with the demands of Civilization and Culture. Then, took I Camera and Lens and upon metals wrought from the hills, rolled and polished, I etched with salts and acids, the images transmitted and transmuted through this powerful instrument and agent of Human Progress. I am the Apotheosis of Vision. I speak the language of children and of all nations. Soon will I have restored the whole Earth to the Days of Genesis "Of One Language and of One Speech." To Me, the Tower of Babel and the Confusion of Tongues is but a Myth. The colors of the Spectrum do My Bidding. Nature's lavish hues are at My Command. I Am the trusted servant of Trade and Industry. I create new wants, open markets and move merchandise. The Walls of Caves, Cottages and Cathedrals bear witness of my Craftsmanship. A Friend of the Poor as well as of the Rich. A disseminator of Education and Learning. I entertain and instruct. I reclaim the Savage and advance the Arts. My silent messages move Men to action and loftier deeds. Where Life, Spirit, Thought and Imagery are made manifest, there Am I also. My Story Leaves Nothing Untold. ROBERT B. OLSEN 74 EAST PLANT 304-320 EAST 45th STREET VAN DERBILT 7661 -6 klCW/ VORIC NI V WEST PLANT 475 TENTH AVE. at 36th ST. MEDALLION 1900-5 'NCW 7 W l\ l\

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