OU have the choice of two sepa rate and distinctive styles and special ties in the advertising illustrations of Victor Beals and of Keith Shaw. Although equally attentive to quality, color values and poster effects, special ization has drawn them into different fields. -* In quest of romance in adver tising, Victor Beals has gravitated to travel advertising and colorful cover stock drawings. -* Keith Shaw has in dividualized and posterized men, cre ating a distinctive vigor, style and masculinity in his rendering.-* Regard less of your choice of these two sepa rate artists, you will be assured of indi vidual attention by a free lance artist. Note separate addresses. 75 VICTOR BEALS 41 EAST 42nd ST. NEW YORK Telephone vanderbilt 4712 KEITH SHAW 274 MADISON AVENUE NEW YORK Telephone Lexington 3838

Advertising Arts en | 1930 | | page 97