INDEX PELTON A Better AIR COMPRESSOR for AIR BRUSH ARTISTS OF ADVERTISEMENTS THE ADVERTISING ARTS APRIL 2, 1930 Inside Front Cover 3 Advertising Arts 70 Advertising Typographers of America 67 Allied Paper Mills, Inc. American Envelope Co. American Pencil Co. 5 American Type Founders Co. Insert Between 2-3 Bartlett Orr Press Insert Between 4-5 Beals, Victor......69 Beck Engraving Co. 65 Cantine Co., Martin.....11 Continental Typefounders Association, Inc. 72 Eilert Printing Co., Inc. Insert Facing Page 8 Einson-Freeman Co., Inc.....15 Federal Printing Co. Insert Facing Page 11 Gotham Photo-Engraving Co. 9 Fforwitt, Nathan George 8 Higgins Co., Inc., Charles M. Insert Facing Page 10 Industrial Art Counsel, Inc. Jensen, Gustav Boerge Konor Peters Linweave Lyddon, Hanford Kimball Marchbanks Press Mason Box Co. Mergenthaler Linotype Co. Musser, Inc., Byron Pelton Crane Co. Port Huron Sulphite Paper C Rapid Electrotype Co. Shaw, Keith Sterling Engraving Co. Ullman Studios, Inc., Martin Underwood Underwood 6-7 2 Insert Facing Page 9 Insert Between 12-13 Inc. 12 Inside Back Cover Insert Between 14—15 Back Cover 66 71 o. Insert Between 70—71 13 68 14 4 1 Insert Between 12—13 United States Envelope Co Wallace Tiernan Products, Inc. Insert Between 66—67 Worsinger 10 SECTION OF ADVERTISING SELLING 9 EAST 3 8 T It STREET, N E IV YORK Pelton brought out the first compressor for air brush artists over 20 years ago and as such pioneered the art. Today the new Pelton represents all that years of experience has proven essential to perfect performance. It is noiseless; sliding cover closes and prevents dust or dirt from settling on moving parts; no oil, dirt or grit can possibly get into the air chamber; the sliding door cover makes the moving parts accessible for belt adjustment or oiling. It is four inches lower which permits the use of the minimum amount of space. It is single cylinder which makesforeconomyin currentconsumption. You will be agreeably surprised at the com pactness and efficiency of the new Pelton compressor. Tanks furnished for 8, 12, 20 and 40 gals, capacity. THE PELTON ART MATERIAL CABINET A beautiful strongly built metal cabinet for artist supplies. Pyrox ylin finish in your choice of the following colorswhite, neptune green, ivory tan, cadet blue or mahogany. Every artist knows the value of keeping brushes, paints and materials in a convenient, secure placeall his own. Swinging Panel above door supports removable water pan on inside. Note bracket for water bowl on outside of cabinet. Glass for shelves and door polished beveled plateTop porcelain enamel. Size33" high, 18 wide, 13" deep. Send for literature and prices. THE PELTON CRANE COMPANY Detroit - Michigan

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