MODERN typography needs sans-serif types of color and character. The Linotype Metro series are original sans- serifs designed exclusively for Linotype by W. A. Dwiggins, the eminent artist and typographer. The series comprises four weights: Metroblack, a husky, virile letter; Metromedium, a less bold, yet colorful, eye-gripping face; Metrolite, the typo graphic synonym for daintiness; and Metrothin, a typographic delight of inimitable grace and delicacy. Write for specimens. MERCENTHALER LINOTYPE COMPANY "LINOTYPE^ l&TlHWlHnjiii^iMiiHiii)^^ BROOKLYN, NEW YORK, N. Y. SAN FRANCISCO CHICAGO NEW ORLEANS CANADIAN LINOTYPE, LIMITED, TORONTO 2, CAN. Representatives in the Principal Cities of the World

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