GOING MODERN LYDDON HANFORD KIMBALL AND Adve rtis i n g 12 110 EAST 42nd ST., NEW YORK 11 JAMES ST., ROCHESTER 259 DELAWARE AVE., BUFFALO LONDON PARIS "What shall we do about this modern style? Its tall angular women, its metallic planes, its new gamut of colors? Its strange forms and abstract figures? How much shall we change the appearance of merchandise; the character of products; the form of containers and cartons? Above all, how shall we key our advertising to this new tempo?" In the brochure "Going Modern," these questions, and others much in the minds of forward-thinking sales managers and advertising men, are answered intelligently, helpfully. A limited number of these soundly valuable little books are still available. A request on your business stationery will bring your copy promptly!

Advertising Arts en | 1930 | | page 22