ADVERTISING ARTS APRIL 2, 1930 ADVERTISING SELLING SECTION OF ADVER TISING SELLING FREDERICK C. KENDALL, Editor Ruth Fleischer, Associate How Steinway Uses Modern Art By Charles T. Coiner 17 Designing for Machines By Walter Dorwin league 18 An Advertisement for Haus Neuerburg Designed by O. H. W. Hadank 24 The Layout of Newspaper Advertisements By Frank H. Young 25 Five Austrian Posters Designed by Wagula 28-29 Come into the Kitchen By James D. Herbert 30 Decorative Initials in Four Distinguished Manners 32 Making Advertising Out of Routine By John W. George 33 The German Trade-MarkA Work of Genius By Clarence P. Hornung 36 Four Pages showing the Work of Herbert F. Roese 41-44 Art as a Means to an EndBy Earnest Elmo Calkins 45 Designing Silk for Fashion By Lucian Bernhard 49 "Burnham Beeches"—A Woodcut By C. O. Woodbury 52 Planning an Advertisement of Typographic Excellence By Stuart Campbell 53 "Niggerhead" A Photograph by Arthur E. Cheesman 56 McKnight Kauffer By Amos Stote 57 A Sculptress Designs an Engaging Window Display gg Contributors to this Issue g^ TV V M B E R NINE E A S T T H I R T Y-E I G It T II S T R E E T, N E IV YORK CITY 16

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