THE LAYOUT OF NEWSPAPER ADVERTISEMENTS APARTMENTS /r> fv**> H H *i JhnL&m* mM*t&*p l>v*4*j# t ,-■ lHT MAYFLOWM APARTMENTS THIS ARRANGEMENT ALLOWS THE HERE THE SAME ELEMENTS ARE USED BUILDING TO DIRECT THE EYE OUT OF BUT REARRANGED IN SUCH A WAY THE ADVERTISEMENT INTO ANOTHER THAT THE BUILDING IS EMPLOYED TO DISPLAY WHICH MAY BE DIRECTLY POINT TO AN IMPORTANT UNIT IN ABOVE THE DISPLAY BY FRANK H. YOUNG In studying the physical make-up of adver tisements appearing in newspapers, one re ceives the impression that much of it is de signed by individuals not sufficiently experi enced in the art of newspaper layout. It is apparent that this lack of experience results in overlooking certain layout requirements which are peculiar to this form of advertising, par ticularly to those displays which are less than quarter page size. Contrary to the general impression, it re quires just as much ability to achieve lay out success in the newspaper advertisement as it does in other forms of printed ad vertising. The layout man is confronted with numerous problems and handicaps in news papers that do not concern him so much in magazines, billboards and direct literature. In addition to the usual rules of good layout, such as balance, movement, legibility, empha sis, cohesion, simplicity and continuity, he is required to give special consideration to and 25

Advertising Arts en | 1930 | | page 45