DESIGNING SILK FOR FASHION BY LUCIAN BERN HARD 49 LUCIAN EERNHARD: "PENSTROKES" DESIGN FOR DRESS SILK About a year ago, good fortune brought me to see a silk-printing mill. I was startled. I saw plain black silk disappearing between an intricate arrangement of ink-dripping roll ers and appearing again covered with designs in many striking colors. Thus the machine not only extracted the black from the silk, but printed it instantly and simultaneously with several colors in one operation. It was fascinating to watch this process. I felt very much like sitting down, right on the spot, and starting to make designs for this miraculous press. Here was a machine, the brain work of an ingenious inventor, built by spirited engineers who endowed it with unlimited possibilities to turn out marvels of beauty. But, seeing the average output of this admirable invention in the countless printed dresses in shop windows and on the streets, you wish the whole inven tion to the devil. You find it used, with too few exceptions, to deteriorate plain, beautiful

Advertising Arts en | 1930 | | page 73