'PENS TROK ES' Dress silk designed by Lucian Bernhard. Color scheme: white and yellow on black; white and soft blue on flesh ground; white and pink on blue ground. Pro ducer: Goldstein-Wilkins Corpo ration, New York consider the applications for blondes, bru nettes, grays, and so on. In its lines it must tend to slenderize, to flatter the female curves, to caress the eye of the beholder. It must consider the effect in folds and in pleats, rather than good looks on the paper. Ill In styling a kitchen stove or designing printed silks for fashion there are two basic principles identical in both cases. First, search the raw material for its esthetic possibilities; second, keep the eye strictly on the ultimate purpose and environment. The silk designer needs, in addition, a lov ing sensitiveness for the delicacies of fashion, and a willingness to subordinate himself to the precious material. IV I wish more of my colleagues who have a love for fashion, for line and for color would seriously go into this field. In my opinion, no material can he more fascinating to work for than silk. 51

Advertising Arts en | 1930 | | page 75