Revere c opper and Brass 55 electro-automotive-copper age of todays and of Revere Copper and Brass Incorporated which operates 25% of the country's copper and brass rolling-mill facilities. HOW IT STARTED It all started with ships. The cry- of 1800 was for ships. And the cry of the ship-builders was for copper to sheath hulls... because copper does not rust. This was the need that in spired Paul Revere. He sup plied the copper bolts that fastened the timbers of the Old North Church, Boston historic "Constitution" and the copper sheets for this and many another famous frigate. COPPER SHEETS BECOME ROOFING Revere Sheet Copper soon became popular for roofing. It was used on the dome of the State House in Boston. Shortly after, Old North Church, City Hall in New York, and other fine public buildings followed suit. Similar sheet copper, rolled (1814) by'the Baltimore Copper Mills, now a Division of Revere Copper and Brass Incorporated, roofed the National Capitol in Washington. Thus was begun America's pro duction, of architectural copper, brass and bronze. THEN ELECTRICITY Revere copper rods found another and most significant use as light ning arresters. Thanks for this are due «'>•«-> 1 Benjamin Franklin's Benjamin Franklin, whose expen- historic kite experiment ments proved copper the ideal conductor of electricity. This early union of electricity and copper resulted in an amaz ing development for both when Edison's inventions brought the electrical industry into being. And it was in this industry's stimulat ing early years that the Rome Brass Copper Company, another Division of Revere Copper and Brass Incorporated, got under way. READY FOR THE AUTOMOBILE Next came the automobile. That century of experience, since Paul Revere, had proved the merits of copper'and brass for'the radiator, the electrical connections, the supply lines, the hundred and one special parts where resistance to rust is essential. The Original Ford And, to make them, there were established in Detroit the Michigan and Higgins plants, now Divisions of the business founded by Paul Revere. WITH EVERY NEW INVENTION Since then, almost every new invention has brought a new use for copner and brass. Telephony electric railways airplane electrical household appliances radio. Gearing up to these spreading demands came anpther of the Revere units, Dallas. Brass Copper Company in. Chicago, heart of the industrial West. THUS.. in 130 years, those shipyard beginnings of Paul Revere have led to the electro- automotive-copper age of today. And in all these new needs, these new futures, the name Revere is still in the very front ranks of the march of industry. Under it today are seven great plants including the two largest copper mills of the country; modern, up-to-the-minute methods; diverse facilities and experiences covering the whole range of copper, brass and bronze manufacture. INCORPORATED Divisions: Baltimore Copper Mills, Baltimore, Md .Dallas Brass (5 Copper Co., Chicago, III. Higgins Brass Manufacturing Co., Detroit, MichMichigan Copper 15 Brass Co., Detroit, Mich. Rome Brass Copper Co., Rome, N. Y. Taunton-New Bedford Copper Co., Taunton, Mass. General Offices: ROME, N. Y. FOR TYPOGRAPHY WAS CHOSEN IN THE HARVARD ADVERTISING AWARDS

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