Mcknight kauffer BY AMOS S T O T E The most outstanding and fundamental fact concerning the work of McKnight Kauffer, the man who has for years led the British field in advertising art, who is more a figure of ro mance in British advertising than any artist has ever been in the States, is that he does not think in terms of shock, but in those of the expression of an impression. The reason for the dramatic qualities of this artist's expression is the heat of his impres sion. Yet tempering that heat there is as cold a logic as ever Poe used when, by almost chemical analyses, he worked out the cres cendo of "The Raven," and produced a great work of art. Kauffer works out his designs with an orderliness that would be static were it not for the intellectual and imaginative qualities of his mind which generate real inspiration. He has held his high position, and it is high, by reason of the fact that he forever advances in modernity as an inventor, or scientist advances in his discoveries, and so forever makes yesterday's work appear old in the light of today's progress. Because he has won suc cess in a type or style of work he does not allow himself to stagnate, or repeat. The work of McKnight Kauffer frequently shocks. And the man, himself, is shocking, when considered in connection with his art. Think of all the qualities of speech, manner, dress, and habits of living you would natur ally associate with an artist who produces work of such revolutionary character. Then, for the man, go to the other extreme in each case. Soft spoken. Choice in the selection of words. Reserved to the point of coldness. 57

Advertising Arts en | 1930 | | page 83