Ik a CT*4 hJ I SINCE !802 BRANCHES EVERYWHERE] Habited according to the most exact rules of smart, but highly conventional dress. Housed with full consideration for the comforts of mind and body. McKnight Kauffer is mathe matically exact in the spiritual composition of his life. Born in Great Falls, Montana, at thirteen he gave up academic education as it was con ceived and executed in a school in Evansville, Indiana, where he had already won padded poets as prizes for his art efforts, and appren ticed himself to the scene painter of a 10-20-30 stock company, for the wage of three-and-one- half dollars per week. Two years later the company failed in Washington. After taking tickets at a third- rate theater there for a time he got a job with Street Kaufman, scene painters of Philadel phia, where he worked on settings for Frank- lyn Arbuckle's "Roundup." A year later he was sent for by his former boss, and joined him in Omaha. Frank Bacon, of "Lightnin"' fame, was the lead in this stock company and he tried to make an actor of Kauffer. He failed. Later Kauffer went to live for a time on Bacon's ranch in California. I wondered at this artistic, reserved, lad among cow punchers, Chinese cooks, Mexican bravos, and all the rest of the melange supposed to make up the personnel of such an establish ment. I asked for stories of the wild life. McKnight Kauffer smiled and said it was a prune ranch. Later he went to work in Paul Elder's book shop in San Francisco, selling books some of the time, reading them all of the timeexcept at night when he went to art school. A college professor offered him fifty dollars a month to travel and study art. Kauffer nosed his way into the Chicago Art Institute, for a few weeks. Refusal of admittance to the life class and a demonstration of the students against an exhibition of modern French art caused him to shake off the dust of that insti tution and sail for Europe. Munich attracted him but the language repelled him. He wan dered on to Paris. There, in the same group of studios in which this story is being written, THE LONDON DYER! CLEANER! 59

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