OSY LAMBS MAY BE A MEMORY of the pre-prohibition era or the day-dream of a market manipulator. But to those master printers licensed to use the Jean Berte water-colour process, they are only one of an infinite number of subjects which flame into life under the compelling stimulus of its vivid hues. Alert advertisers are seizing upon this new medium of colour- expression as a selling force. Any of the printers listed below will respond enthusiastically to a request for information. WALLACE TIERNAN PRODUCTS, Inc., BELLEVILLE, N. J. ARKANSAS LITTLE ROCK Democrat Printing Lithographing Co. CALIFORNIA LOS ANGELES Young McCalllster Helntz SAN FRANCISCO Knlght-Counihan Co. COLORADO DENVER W. H. Kistler Stationery Co. CONNECTICUT HARTFORD R. S. Peck Company DISTRICT of COLUMBIA WASHINGTON Columbian Printing Co., Ino. GEORGIA ATLANTA Montag Bros., Ino. Townley-Webb Martin, Ino. ILLINOIS CHICAGO Curtis-Johnson Printing Co. Hillison Etten Co. Magill-Weinsheimer Co. Manz Corporation Poole Bros., Inc. Shattock McKay Company Toby Rubovlts, Ino. The Wessel Co. JOLIET The Gerlaoh-Barklow Co. ROCKFORD Wilson-Hall Printing Co. INDIANA INDIANAPOLIS Colortype Corporation Hampton Printing Co. IOWA IOWA CITY Economy Advertising Co. MARSHALLTOWN Marshall Printing Company SIOUX CITY Verstegen Printing Co. WATERLOO Stewart-Simmons Co. KANSAS WICHITA McCormick-Armstrong Co. MARYLAND BALTIMORE Norman T. A. Munder Co. MASSACHUSETTS BOSTON Rust Craft Publishers, Inc. The Sherrlll Press The Stetson Press, Inc. CAMBRIDGE The Barta Press Tolman Print, Ino.: University Press LEOMINSTER The Leominster Printing Co. WORCESTER The Commonwealth Press MICHIGAN DETROIT Detroit Press Printers, Ino. Saturday Night Press, Ino. The Stubbs Company GRAND RAPIDS Dean Hicks Co., Ino. LANSING The Dick Short Co., Inc. MINNESOTA LONG PRAIRIE The Hart Co. MINNEAPOLIS Bureau of Engraving, Ino. Character Printing Co. ST. CLOUD Fritz-Cross Co. MISSOURI KANSAS CITY McKinley Publishing Co. ST. LOUIS H. S. Collins Printing Co. Simmons-Sisler Co. Woodward Tiernan Co. NEBRASKA OMAHA The Aoorn Press NEW JERSEY CAMDEN Levering-Riebel Co., Ino. MONTCLAIR The Globe Press, Ino. NEWARK The Essex Press Alex. G. Highton, Inc. Peck, Kinast Craig NEW YORK ALBANY The Argus Co., Ino. BUFFALO Baker-Jones-Haueauer, Ino. The Hoi ling Press, Ino. NEW YORK The Aldus Printers, Ino. Bartlett Orr Press Eilert Printing Company Federal Printing Co. C. H. Forsman Co. Gatto Engraving Co., Inc. L. Kehlmann Co. Lisiecki Press, Inc. Longacre Press, Inc. Madison Square Press Pace Press, Inc. Julius Pollak Sons, Inc. Redfield-Downey-Odell Co. John H. Smith Press, Ino. The Tabard Press Tri-Arts Press, Inc. Unz Co. ROCHESTER John P. Smith, Inc. OHIO CINCINNATI American Printing Label Co. The Mountel Press Co. CLEVELAND The Corday Gross Co. The Lezius Hiles Co. DAYTON Thompson Printing Company TOLEDO The Caslon Co. OKLAHOMA OKLAHOMA CITY Turnbull-Russell Co. TULSA McCormick-Armstrong Co. OREGON PORTLAND Bushong Co. Lane Miles Standish Co. PENNSYLVANIA CANTON The Liberty Greeting Card Co. LEBANON Lebanon Paper Box Co., Ino. PHILADELPHIA Chilton Class Journal Co., Ino. Franklin Printing Co. Ketterlinus Lithographio Mfg. Co. The Rose Co. Edward Stern Co., Inc. PITTSBURGH The Caslon Press, Ino. RHODE ISLAND PROVIDENCE Livermore Knight Co. TENNESSEE NASHVILLE Cullum Ghertner Co. Williams Printing Co. TEXAS DALLAS Johnston Printing Advertising Co. SAN ANTONIO Maverick-Clarke Litho Co. WASHINGTON SEATTLE Acme Press, Frank McCaffery Farwest Lithograph Printing Co. SPOKANE Inland-American Printing Co. WISCONSIN MILWAUKEE The Gugler-Lithographic Co. Meyer-Rotier-Tate Co. CANADA TORONTO Saturday Night Press Southam Press, Ltd. MONTREAL Dodd-Simpson Press, Ltd. Federated Press, Ltd. The Ronalds Co., Ltd. VANCOUVER Gehrke's Ltd. WINNIPEG Public Press, Ltd. WALLACE 8, TIERNAN, LTD., LONDON, ENGLAND PHILLIPS PAIN, PARIS, FRANCE SOLE DISTRIBUTORS AND LICENSORS OF THE JEAN BERTE COLOUR PROCESS PATENTED IN THE UNITED STATES, CANADA AND IN FOREIGN COUNTRIES PRINTED IN U.

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