BAUER TYPE H as 1,1 azed tlie trail for MODERN ADVERTISING MODERN TYPE ...BAUER TYPE. that's what started this £reat vogue for T1HI IE IBAUIEIR T YIP IE FOUNDMY INC modern advertisements! That's what stimulated anew the imagination of the advertising world. New type arrangements...fresh appeals which have renewed reader interest in the advertising col umns of magazines and newspapers...all have resulted from the ap plication of present-day art to type designing. Leading the field in this forward movement is the Bauer 1 ype foundry, creators of such out standing successes as Futura, Bernhard Roman and Cursive, Lucian, Atrax and other new types. 5 MODERN Set in the New Bauer "Atrax" and the New Bauer "Lucian Bold" For examplei on June 12, a chech was made of the type faces used in two of America's greatest newspapers...the New York limes and the New York 1 lerald-Trihune. Seventy-six columns of display advertising were set wholly or in part in Bauer modern types. Bauer Types are carried in stock hy« The Machine Composition Co., 470 Atlantic Ave., Boston Emile Riehl Sons, 18 No. Sixth St., Philadelphia^ Turner Type Founders Co., 1729 E. 22 St., Cleveland, Ohio Turner Type Founders Co., 226 No. Clinton St., Chicago! Turner Type Founders Co., 516 WCongress St., Detroit Mackenzie Harris, Inc., 659 Folsom St., San Francisco! or may he ordered through The J. C. Niner Company, 26 So. Gay St., Baltimore! Pelouze Printers Supply Co., 25 No. 12th St., Richmond, Y irginia! James H. Holt Company, Inc., 261 Court St., Memphis, Tennessee 235-247 EAST 45TH STREET NEW YORK

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