B, 0 5J jjj >E AS TYPE "CHOOSEY" AS you pleasedemand fine typog raphy, but retain speed and econ omy of method by specifying Linotype. Select from many ex cellent faces: The smart new Dwiggins Metro series good- looking, legible sans-serifs in four distinct weights; the attractive Estienne or Cranjon faces, or the tried and true standbysCaslon, Cloister, Bodoni, Caramond and a host of others. Specimen folders of these and any other Linotype face available for the asking. Write nearest office. LINOTYPE LINOTYPE LINOTYPE MERGENTHALER LINOTYPE COMPANY, BROOKLYN, NEW YORK. CHICAGO, SAN FRANCISCO NEW ORLEANS CANADIAN LINOTYPE, LIMITED, TORONTO, CANADA MARK II'? TRADE MARK If* TRAOE LINOTYPE METROBLACK AND METROL1TE REPRESENTATIVES IN THE PRINCIPAL CITIES OF THE WORLD I

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