NEXT Sunday Changed GIFTS FRESH Orangeade Respectable SUBURBS American Type Founders Company Bernhard Gothic Medium Italic HIGHER Quality Furnishing Delightfully Surprising EXPERIENCE METROPOLITAN Conservatory Scholarships BERNHARD GOTHICS LightLight Italic MediumMedium Italic Heavy '•..17 - flBDECFHKPRS AFLOPTVWY Sets the Type Fashions Everywhere Copyright, 1930, by Lucian Bernhard Manufactured under Special License 72 Point BID High 60 Point Eight MEN 48 Point 36 Point 30 Point 24 Point 18 Point 14 Point 12 Point Undulating Landscapes Enchanted AUTOMOBILISTS 10 Point REFRESHING Novelty Distinguished Entertaining Production 8 Point Established Community Gathering Place Amid Idealistic SURROUNDINGS 6 Point NEIGHBORHOOD Stores Regularly Supply Outlying Community With Excellent Goods EXTRA HEAVY in course of preparation Six wonderful type series designed by Lucian Bernhard, in romans and italics. Cast in large sizes and small sizes, everything required, each series complete with extra decorative and recessed characters for quickly com posing effective modern typography Showings of the several Bernhard Gothics, giving sizes and prices of fonts, will be promptly supplied by any of our twenty-six Selling Houses, or by addressing the American Type Founders Company Jersey City, New Jersey Characters in Complete Font ABCDEFGHIJ KLMNOPQRST UVWXYZ&$* 1234567090 abcdefghiiklm nopqrstuvwxyz Character not made in 6, 8 and 10 Point tt 91 Characters furnished in sizes from 18 to 72 Point The following are put up as fonts of Special Characters and are furnished upon order only Th a e ft r u The following characters, from 24 to 72 Point, are cast recessed 24 to 72 Point sizes made on Angle Body

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