A I) V E R T I S I N G A R T S O C T OBER 1 1930 9 EAST 38 th STREET, N E W 1 O R K 12 FREDERICK C. KENDALL, Editor Ruth Fleischer, Associate What Makes a Magazine Modern? By Dr. M. F. Agha 13 Prize Winning Posters in World's Fair Designed by W m. Welsh, Fred Good, Competition Andre Wilquin and I. Sahula 18 We Pause to Honor: Elmer Adler, Fred and Bertha Goudy, Peter Arno and Egmont Arens 20 "East Coasting" with Lynn Ward By J. W. George 21 Techniques for Newspaper Reproduction By Harry L. Gage 25 Interiors of European Stores 30 Anton Bruehl By Nathan George Horuitt 33 Book Pages and Covers Designed by Joseph Sinel 42 Jean Carlu By Amos Stote 45 Eight Distinguished Letterheads Designed in a Variety of Contemporary Manners 51 Ladies in the Abstract A New Idea in Windoiv Displays 53 The Daily News Building Photographs by Thurman Rotan 54 The Evolution of a Trademark 57 Playtime Drawings By Ludlow Kravis 58 M. C. ROBBINS, President J. H. MOORE, Vice-Pres. and Gen. Mgr. F. C. KENDALL, Publisher New York: F. K. Kretschmar, Advertising Manager; M. M. MacCollum, Noel C. Breadlt; M. C. Robbins, Jr. Caledonia 9770. Chicago: Norman E. Knudson, Western Manager, 1328 Peoples Gas Building. Harrison 5858. Cleveland: H. C. Latimer, Middle Western Manager, 509 Swetland Bldg. Main 9672. San Francisco, Los Angeles and Portland, Ore.: Arthur W. Stypes, Inc. Atlanta: Blanchard-Nichols-Coleman, Grant Building. Advertising Arts is a supplement to Advertising Selling, the price of which is: U. S. A. and Canada $3.00. Foreign $4.00 a year. Member Audit Bureau of Circulations and Associated Business Papers, Inc., Copyright, 1930, by Advertising Selling Publishing Company, Inc.

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