Bern hard Gothic Extra Heavy Bernhard Gothic Heavy Bernhard Gothic Medium Bernhard Gothic - - Medium Italic Bernhard Gothic Light Bernhard Gothic Light Italic AMERICAN TYPE FOUNDERS COMPANY Most Legible of ALL Sans-Serif Publicity Types to Date -«# 12 to 72 Point 8 to 120 Point -*• 6 to 144 Point -4» —4* 6 to 120 Point 6 to 72 Point -4» All advertising is benefited by proper type display. The more compelling the announcement, the more essential it is that well designed, uncrowded, legible type be employed. The simple dignity of the type emphasizes its quality and naturally imparts the strongest appeal. The six Bernhard Gothics all possess these necessary features, and experts have declared that they are by far the most legible of all sans-serif designs. And we pass on to the advertiser this important information, for our modern commerce is the natural outgrowth of better advertising, and it is quite plain that better advertising can only come with the use of better types. Each of the six Bernhard Gothics shown upon this page was designed especially for good American printing and American advertising. That these exceptionally legible types are receiving the appre ciation they deserve is reflected in the fact that they are rapidly superseding all faces similarin design. Not only are the Bernhard Gothics more readable but they are manufactured in America by a type foundry which for forty years has led the world in the production of the most pleasing and practical faces, in both series and families,which have aided commerce with the advance of better and more profitable advertising Nicely printed Specimen Sheets showing all sizes of the six Bernhard Gothic Types will cheerfully be mailed to you on request

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