The Creation of a Good Idea NOCK OUT STEP OUT Virginia JJarp J „^TONIC with Renewed Vie/or iuginiaOarp S EINSON-FREEMAN CO., INC. that tired feelinq TONIC ^Specializing^ /«Windows/W store display ^adverjising^ reliet et that tiled puluttj irginiaIMrk 3—- TONIC .•mail's j (.»aKtf' I and the manufacture of a good product brings satisfaction to user and producer alike. We, too, take pleasure in express ing to Fruit Industries, Ltd. our appreciation for the opportunity to serve them so satisfactorily. FlTTTTT Imh stuikv.Lti). A GROWER OWNED CO-OPERATIVE ORGANIZATION >Immn9EB§ or CitAn: Pkoih-ctn San Francisco Los Angeles Chicago New York City 35-E WACKER DRIVE 2 JO BROADWAY 1 f Wl™ CfA AOORESS REPtv TO NewYORK November 11, 1931. Mr. N. J. Leigh, Vice President, Einson-Freeman Company, Inc., Star Borden Avenues, Long Island City, New York. My dear Mr. Leigh: We want to express our appreciation for the very fine work on the Virginia Dare Wine Tonic Window Displays which have just been delivered. These two displays represent the fourth consecutive order Einson-Freeman Company, Inc., have had for Virginia Dare Wine Tonic Window Displays, the idea on each display being created by you. We have always been pleased with the work done for us by your firm, but these last two displays are the best we have ever had. Having seen the original paintings, of course, we were wondering if the finished displays would be as good; and in this connection, would say that your reproductions are perfect. Tbe Director of Sales, Sales Manager and salesmen are all very much pleased with your work and we want you to know it. With kindest regards, and wishing you and your fira much success, we are Yours very truly, FRUIT_INDUSTRIES By I Assistant"Secret rew/b |»VS VARIETIES YVIIH PORT TOKAY SHERRY 7" V y LITHOGRAPHERS OFFICES AND MANUFACTURING PLANT STARR BORDEN AVENUES, LONG ISLAND CITY, N. Y NEW ENGLAND OFFICE - 302 PARK SQ. 8LDG., BOSTON, MASS WESTERN OFFICE-WRIGLEY BLDG.. CHICAGO. ILL Inventors and Manufacturers of the Einson-Freeman Patented Double Tier Container Licensee for Canada Somerville Paper Boxes, Ltd., London, Ontario, Canada 6

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