DERS 7 'ftV Advertisements which bleed oft the page on one or more sides may now be used on a limited number of pages in both advertising SELLING and advertising ARTS. Heretofore all bleed pages appearing in these two publications have been inserts, excepting editorial pages and cover. ADVANTAGES: Bleed pages permit larger illustrations tie-up more closely with editorial pages attract more attention as a result of departure from the conventional. RATES: Because of added mechanical difficulties in printing and trimming bleed pages, it is necessary to charge an additional 25% over usual card rates. Rates per insertion for full pages, with and without the bleed, are BLEED BORDERS A S A A WITHOUT BLEED A S A A 1 Time $200.00 $281.25 1 Time $160.00 $225.00 6 Times 193.75 250.00 6 Times 155.00 200.00 13 Times 187.50 13 Times 150.00 26 Times 175.00 26 Times 140.00 NOTESo far as we know, only two large general magazines now accept bleed advertising pages (harper's bazaar and vogue) and only one other publisher of business magazines (McGraw-Hill). 7

Advertising Arts en | 1932 | | page 11