uppose Kelvinator OF DISTINGUISHED ADVERTISEMENTS SELECTED FROM DECEMBER AND JANUARY BUSINESS PUBLICATIONS Those business paper advertisers who are sold on the strategy of continuous advertising to hold present markets and to build future business are apparently also sold on the strategy of keeping their advertising attractive and interesting Such is the comment of our judgesand they ought to know. For over a year they have been going over regularly the pages of 140 or more business publications in selecting outstanding advertisements for the McGraw-Hill Gallery. They have been greatly interested in observing that the quality of industrial, trade and class advertising has been affected very little by general business conditions. Here, for instance, are examples selected finally from 200 advertisements taken from December and January issues. A daring but extremely attractive use of color. Agency: Brooke, Smith French, Inc. Publications: Electrical Merchandising, Electric Refrigeration News, Public Service Management. This distinctive art work won the hearty commendation of the jury. Artist: Robert Unsworth. Agency: Hamman-Lesan Company. PublicationsThe Business Week, Nation's Business, Time, Fortune, Pacific Factory, Southern California Business. The electric refrigerator you wnuld buy, a |in»|K-n, i- undoubtedly «he rln-trie refrigerator you should so// as a dealer. Get over on llie "olher side of tbc de-Is" and mate this test. And then, on that sound basis, let's pet top-llur and discuss the Kelvinator FI LL PROFIT AGREEMENT. KKLYINATOK CORPORATION 11219 Plymouth Kond. Detroit. Michigan Kelvinator of Canada, l td.. London. Ontario kelvinator Limited. London. England OPTING throughout Calif ornia, the fout largest telephone and telegraph companies in the state arc depositors in Bank of America, which also covers Calif- panics have invested nearly one- half billion dollars in California, giving work to 10,MX) persons Operations so vast require is found in Bank of America's -f 10 branches This statewide Bank has any service your busi ness needs. Correspondence is invited Bank of America. San Francisco or Los Angeles.

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