TOOL L The story of a product that "couldn't be conveyed' and how it was MATHEWS CONVEYER SYSTEMS 1 □anna Purpose of the McGraw-Hill Gallery J' Q MS PER COin DEt.i-.MHE» could nol be tolerated. And yet. more rapid transportation through- That is the story of the product that "couldn't he conveyed." It is a story with a happy ending, how ever. of belt-driven live rollet permit right angle turns In storage areas, both top and put to work, the upper bringing for Mathews engineers designed the product into storage, the lower and built a conveyer system which carrying out goods for shipment, provided the desired capacity; speed Declined belts, traveling through and safety. several floors, transport large pack- Two buildings, a single story and ages to the shipping platform. Spiral a five story, are served by this han- chutes, winding down from upper dling system. Belt conveyers are floors, convey smaller packages, wide to accommodate maximum Every w-hcrebmndling h« indefinite sizes, timed to maintain schedules. route. Everywhere movement is At transfer points, special deflectors synchronous, rapid and economical. your plant? Taylor InstrumentCcmpanm One of a new series of advertisements created and produced by the Copy Service Department, McGraw-Hill Publishing Company. The judges voted this a fine example of layout. With changes for adapting the copy to various industries this advertisement appeared in Chemical Metallurgical Engineering, Food Industries, Maintenance Engineering, Power, The Business Week, Factory and Industrial Manage ment, Product Engineering. Above: The judges thought so highly of this photography that we have borrowed it to dress up the borders of these pages. Photographs and arrangement by Pagano. Agency: Mars- chalk Pratt. Advertisement used exclusively as a front cover, American Machinist. Upper left: Considered an excellent example of attractive and practical typography. Agency: Paul Teas Incorporated. Typography by W. R. Mathews Co. Publications: Factory and Industrial Management, Improvement, Industrial Canada. To encourage higher standards of layout, typography, photography and art in business paper advertising. Text and captions are not considered except as regards layout and typography. Whether or not an advertisement has appeared in a McGraw-Hill publication has no bearing whatever upon its selection. Judges: John Benson, Presi dent, American Association of Advertising Agents; Philip L. Thompson, President, Audit Bureau of Circulation; Warren C. Piatt, President, Associated Business Papers, Inc.; Frederick C. Kendall, Editor, Advertising a Selling,- Earl Whitehorne, Assistant Vice-President, McGraw-Hill Publishing Company, Inc.

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