Distributed by n,° Sé; wKr"ser,'oer Com e"y'Ltd' with envelopes to match, is stocked in the following colors and sizes WHITE INDIA COLORS nI y'T^V"1Tht Pnp« Co. sCrr^Megargee Bros., Inc. 25 x 38-60 (120M) 25 x 38-70 (140M) 35 x 45-116 (232M) IAN FAWN GRAY BLUE YELLOW GREEN 25 x 38— 70 (140M) 35 x 45—116 (232M) all deckles and grain long way Rtany'N\^Hudson Valley Paper Co. Baltimore, MdDobler&Mudge ®OSt0"' ^aSSThe Arnold-Roberts Company John Carter Co., Inc Boston, Mass.Cook-Vivian Company, Inc. Bndgeport C°nnTheCE. DarttCo. r?. a°' Ailing Cory Company icago, Messinger Paper Company Cincmnati, OhioAlbershart Papei Co" Cleveland OhioThe Alling Cofy Com rThe Rike PaPer Products Co. °Tc CarPenter PaPer Co. of Iowa Hartford, ConnThe Rourke.Eno paper Co Houston, Texas tu d n t The Paper Supply Co. Jacksonville, Fla. t„„i, r, i xt i Jacksonville Paper Co. Lincoln, Neb.n r, Carpenter Paper Co. (Lincoln Paper Co. Div.) os ngeles. CalBuckley-Lynch Paper Co., Ltd. Louisville, KyThe Rowland Company, Inc. Miami, FJa.u i i Minne,poli», Mn»!C°' Wilcox-Mosher-Leffholm Co. of Minn. Export: American Paper Exports, Inc., New York, N. Y. Ne" h"""' c°"°TheArnold.Ro Jm Ca *Z v"ï' lThe Aliing Cory Con,pan, r°'k. N- TBlake-Butler Paper Co., Ine' New York, N.Y. r- M v ,,v F°rest Paper Co., Inc. New York, N. Y.t p i j r, xT v t J-E. Linde Paper Co. MCW v°r n YWhitaker Paper Co". OCWx m'u Willmann Paper Co., Inc. PhT a'\ k d Carpenter Paper Co. Philadelphia, PaAtlantic Paper Co. Pittsburgh PaThe Alling Cory Company R rtJ,an Mv"Paper Mills Agency, Inc. Rochester, N. YThe Ailing Cory Company San Francisco, CalGenera] paper Com St. Paul, MinnWilcox-Mosher-Leffholm Co. ~ea. C' aS Paper Mills Agency, Inc. Springfield, MassWhitney-Anderson Paper Co., Inc. Washington, D.CDobler&Mudge Printed in U. S. A.

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