This package designed by George Switzer cut costs 271/2 per cent... increased sales 102 per cent Oh, Yeah? That's how Budge-It Products, Inc. felt until the new can without any additional sales pressure or advertising accomplished in five months what had formerly taken seventeen years Housewives and garagemen had been using Budge-It in its nondescript yellow-and- green container for years. They were familiar with its owl-head trademark. Budge-It Products feared that the radical change recommended by George Switzer, New York designer, would affect their sales! It didThe first week the new Budge-U can was tried out in a leading New York department store, sales increased 30 per cent, the second week 40 per cent, by the end of the fourth week 50 per cent and still continued to climb Hopeful but not completely con vinced, the manufacturers started distribution in other places. Now at the end of five months Budge-It sales have more than doubled Budge-It Products, Inc. gives entire credit to the new container designed by George Switzer. First, because its size is more convenient. Second, because in its new colorful crimson, vivid yellow, black and white container and its smart de sign, it is Budge-It's own best salesman. Clerks of their own accord feature it in shelf, counter and window displays. Buyers who had seen the can wrote in about selling it. Dealers who had formerly refused to handle it immediately slocked it In addition to increasing sales, George Switzer's recommendations saved twenty-seven and one-half per cent in production costs.

Advertising Arts en | 1932 | | page 19