MARCH 1932 CO PL W DESIGN SECTION OF ADVERTISING AND SELLING NINE EAST THIRTY-EIGHTH STREET NEW YORK FREDERICK C. KENDALL, Edilor RUTH FLEISCHER, Associate II Memo io Manufaclurers: By Simon de Vaulchier 11 A New Approach io Fashion Photography14 Book-plaies and Trade-marks Designed by A. Szoeke 16 Paiierns wiih PicturesBy Thurman Roian 17 These PackagesBy Roy Sheldon 19 While on Blackgg And Now: Good Design for ihe Gasoline Pump 32 Tractors from ihe Air34 Typography s New Dimension By Frederic Dannay 35 "Eyes" a Photograph by Frederick Bradley39 Four Views of ihe Haiiie Carnegie Shop40 Cigar Boxes from GermanyBy J. A. Healey 42 GalleryBy Burford Lorimer 44 Modern Displays thai Dramatize ihe Product46 10 Devoted io ihe design of adveriising, ihe creation of printed literature, and the styling of merchandise and 1 packages O ÈT Q <X M.C.ROBBINS. President J.H.MOORE, Vice-President and General Manager F.C.KENDALL, Publisher IsyoMc^s CM' MR ^CCO"Um' Tele^°ne' Caled°nia 5-9770 CHICAGO: Norman E. Knudson, Western Manager, 1370 Peoples Gas Bui ding Harnson 5858 CLEVELAND: Henry R. Norton, Middle Western Manager, 606 Swetland L Emory ATLANTA rH PORTLAN°' °REG°N: Ned B^one-Iack 4 Thomas L. Emory ATLANTA, GA.Blanchard-Nichols-Coleman. Advertising Arts is a section of Advertising and Selling, the price of which is, for the United States and Canada r e dollars a year. Foreign, four dollars a year. Members of the Audit Bureau of Circulation and Associated Business Papers, Incorporated, Copyright 1932, By Adveriising and Selling Publishing Company, Incorporated.

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