LOOK BOTH WAYS ^RIEGELITE RIEGELINE mc- RIEGEL PAPER CORPORATION Now you can keep an admiring eye on transparent wrapping without turning a cold shoulder to profit. The way is open Riegelite is made for all food products. It is moisture- proof, grease-proof, self-sealing and highly transparent. In the first ten weeks after its introduction, the baking trade alone wrapped over fifty million units in Riegelite. Riegeline is for tight-wrapped packages, bags, envelopes and where the wrapping cost is important. It is trans parent, grease-proof, clean, and economical. 342 Madison Avenue New York WORKING SAMPLES OR OUR NEW PORTFOLIO OF PACKAGING PAPERS SENT ON REQUEST Printed on Riegeline 24x36 20 lb. weight

Advertising Arts en | 1932 | | page 21