N€W APPROACH TO FASHION PHOTOGRAPHY A SPORTS CLOTHES KNITTED TO YOUR ORDER They'll be as distinctively your own as though you stood and hod them woven on youcre ated for you, and you alone, in the manner the great French cou furiers create, mold, drape, cut and design clothes on their fo- mous clients. From a collection of over seventy models you choose here a sleeve, there a neckline, a glorious color, a unique weave. Down to the very yarn from which the frock is knitted, the d. ess is chosen by you, every step of the way, until the Final composite cos tume will be smarter than any thing you have ever worn before! beginning at 55°° Eighth Floor m«is «.«ON Ntw YO„At ,m JttMr BONWIT teller Advertising s oldest axiom that an advertisement "must be seen, must be read, must be remembered" seems to have been boycotted for years by fashion advertisers and their photographers. Scan through any magazine carrying fashion adver tising, and most of the photographs not only look as if they had all been cranked out by the same machine, hut give you the feeling that you've already seen the picture dozens of times before. The photograph by Anton Bruehl reproduced here introduces drama and daring into a field overloaded with dullness, ft has an ideasomething almost unheard of in fashion photography. It has imagination a rare quality, where the worn trail has been followed so ploddingly. And it says "fashion" both eloquently and memorably yet without showing a single young lady 14 simpering coyly or attempting to appear haughty. Even if you're not interested at the moment in sport clothes knitted to order, you II read and remem ber this advertisement. Yes, even if you're a man and it s mighty seldom that fashion advertisements gain the attention of male readers. Perhaps if more did so, wives would find it easier to get a husband's O. K. on the purchase of a new costume, and stores would do more business. "Well, it may he good art, but does it pull?" the skeptics chorus will ask. The answer is that Bonwit Teller have not only received requests from all over the country for reproductions of the advertisement, but have been able to chalk up an immediate dollars-and- cents increase in the sales of their knitted-to-order- sport -department ANTON BRUEHL

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