expanding sales and developing industry. Advertising on the contrary, had benefited from intense cultivation and generous appropriations. One other consideration, advertising sells the package. The package sells the package. Advertising space costs money. The package is covered with free space. The package used to do the advertising. Long copy panels explained and educated. Now the package has gone into action. Its message is short, simple, urgent. It is advertising nearest the home. Moreover the package has never gone high pressure. It may be silly, extravagant, or weak but it cannot dramatize the negative appeals of fear and pain. The manufacturer who fires his broadsides to frighten the public into buying his product never scares them away from his package. Frequently the very advertisers whose copy and advertising art is most dramatic have the most carefully conservative packages. The package must inspire confidence. I line was when protection was sufficient. Next conveniences and identity were added. Now in the third stage all the categories of packages are being re-designed. The objective is always the same-to complete a sale, hut the means of accomplishing this end are as varied as the stores where packages live or the materials of which they can be made. Here for instance, in the third and final design for the Acousticon, Joseph Sine] has fitted an admirable instrument into an admirable gold, black, and red box Women, as well as men, are gardeners today and Egmont Arens has not neglected to appeal to them by means of his charming light green and yellow wrapper for the International Paper Company's mulch paper. The lettering he has chosen is excellent for his purpose.

Advertising Arts en | 1932 | | page 36