23 for Gulistan rugs and the Bakelite Skrip container. Rugs have taken to themselves a package and ink has made a package of its convenient container, but each has become more precious in the eyes of the consumer by virtue of design. The merchandising strategy these two suggest applies to many products today. As the current begins to react against sliding prices and declin ing quality there may well he a wide adoption of the quiet confidence such designs inspire. machine capable of writing several words a minute but it is not the charm which is calculated to sell merchandise in quantities today. Rather let us turn to Jensen's blue, black and white package of Gilbert's Oral Antiseptic with the character istic PMG tying into a distinguished family the tooth paste carton and tube. Remark that each of these articles is admirable alone, but why stop there? Together they are better still and that is the first step toward Gustav Jensen's design carries with it the luxury oF the Persian rug. The glues and pastes taking their cue from the inks, Quinks, and Scrips, are beginning to wake up and look at their antique design and packaging. Here is Le Page's glue dressed up by the lloyt agency in a smart red capped yellow and black package which is a relief from the usual confused commercial treatment still lingering in this field. There is a certain charm perhaps for the antiquarian in the fact that most pastes and glues still remind one of the old-fashioned office or the littered shipping room typical of the little business in the days when the typewriter was a strange and wonderful adding to spontaneous selling, which many packages have today, the natural corollary, contagious selling, which many will have tomorrow. The most astonishing blind spot in current packaging and merchandising is the obvious and neglected oppor tunity offered by a completely thought-out use of what is loosely termed "family packaging." As yet we have in quantity merchandise only a half solution, though many of our products designed and sold in ensemble sets exist to show packaging the way. The store is more backward than the home naturally. It is still to a large

Advertising Arts en | 1932 | | page 39