INDUSTRIAL DESIGN INC. SALMON TOWERS BUILDING 11 WEST 4 2nd STREET, NEW YORK Our t»x|t<»rionre leads us to believe that we can frequently increase sales by providing a more attractive product, label package,often at a saving over former costs. We cooperate with manufacturers and their advertising agencies to work out practical design solutions, to be tried on the consumer. We are not magicians; we are business men with wide experience in designing for industry. We are hardboiled about art in business we believe it to be a valuable toolperhaps the least expensive available today when it makes sense. We always submit an itemized estimate of the work to be done, the time and costs involved. We work either by the job or on an annual retainer fee basis with design production at cost when the situation makes this a more economical arrangement. If our estimate fails to meet with your ideas, there is not the slightest obligation involved. We believe we have a definite and unusual contribution to offer. We invite your inquiry. Telephone or write us. We w ill be glad to discuss any of your design problems with you. SIMON de VAULCItlER GEORGE WALLER BLOW ROY SHELDON President Secretary and Vice-President Formerly Industrial Art Treasurer Formerly Calkins and Holden Counsel Hearst Publications Industrial Styling Division AMONG THE FIRMS WE HAVE DONE WORK FOR ARE THE FOLLOWING: COLGATE CO. PARKER PEN CO. HOR MEL CO. EATON, CRANE PIKE JORDEAU CO. CHAMBERLAIN LABORATORIES O'CEDAR CORP. U. S. PLAYING CARD CO ILLINOIS WATCH CO. LIBBY GLASS MFG. CO. DEXTER STAYBRÏTE MARTIN GILLET CO. F. E. COMPTON CO. NORTHERN MILLS RICHARDSON TAYLOR-GLOBE CORP.

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