d For Taylor's Stormoguide, Walter Dorwin league has applied striking design fitted to mass production methods and retained presentation characteristic of an exclusive and extensive product. The tin containers here make hesitant steps in the direction of effective design. (Fleadex <5k Odac.) extent a storeroom in contrast to a living-room or a working room. Packages are generally more backward and superficial in their design than the products they contain. The medicine cabinet is more backward than the linen chest, the china cabinet, the silver drawer, the kitchen cabinet, the cutlery drawer or the glass cup- board. But that story, though clear and simple, is too long to be told here. Instead let us turn to Bernhardt fast and forceful presentation of a single product, REM. Here is one short word exploited with the simplicity and effectiveness of great advertising. Taste characterizes every detail of Bernhard's posters and packages, the shipping con tainer is the bottle carton magnified. Here is lettering, color, pattern, balance, handled with the elegant force of a giant locomotive. What a model for the soap Hakes and the breakfast foods which got as far as the package and let the matter drop there, instead of carrying the sales job clear through to its logical end. Probably the chain stores, when they get around to thinking in terms of many packages instead of one at a time will do what few private manufacturers have within their power to do—use packages like armies,

Advertising Arts en | 1932 | | page 40