27 These handsome Colbee packages in various materials have admirably managed to expand a feeling of the specialty shop merchandise to wider markets. Photograph by Ruth Bernhard. If you doubt it consider the rapid spread of Cellophane and glass packaging. Is there not a relation here to the massed counters of candy and perfume and jewelry of the ten-cent store? A hundred transparent bags of peanuts or chocolates create a mass effect. A hundred boxes or cans of the same peanuts or chocolates as they are generally designed today are simply a hundred little boxes that someone has stacked together. In the one ease you have a mountain of peanuts or candy; in the other a stock of boxes or cans. But design, by means of the technique of mass packaging which remains to be developed, granted, can change that situation. Possibly this development is nearer than we see clearly. Here is Van Raalte liquid soap displayed in its shipping container, compact, economical, visible. One looks in vain for the individual cartons. They have been discarded, saved. Possibly their design was not up to the selling task to be accomplished. At all events here is style in two colors, varied to distinguish different products doing a direct merchandising job. Here also is one of Pepperell's many charming blankets packaged so that the design of the product calls to the ultimate (Swiss-Kriss, Ergon, ST37, Woodbury's) Folding boxes well-adapted to their purpose where the design meets the nature of the product and its function.

Advertising Arts en | 1932 | | page 43