STERLING ENGRAVING COMPANY, NEW YORK, N.Y. ECHOES, sounding down thru the corridors of time, reflect Arts contribution, in the various periods of culture, to adornment and attire. Pride of conquest has spared no pains in exacting the rarest to be offered in compelling attention and approval. The style of the package today measures the character of the product. Sterling Engraving Company offers highly efficient and complete Departments of creative commercial art and photo-reproductive processes, featuring the production of folding boxes, labels, and packages. Technical experts experienced for upwards of a quarter of a century in contacting the most exacting markets direct this service. COLOR PROCESS BLACK AND WHITE - BEN DAY LINE "Specialists in the Art and Industry of Packaging" 304 EAST FORTY-FIFTH STREET Telephones-MUr,ay Hill 4-0715 ,o 0726 3

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