1' FTINFALLIBLE ELIZABETH ARDEN 37 «th |W: efficient 1« they absorb tbr i rms, shoulders, neck. Ami it i wjt your hands soft, smooth, for the strength-diluting tendencies of extra leading and tint backgrounds (Ben Day or color) and for the dark ening influence of texts that cast tight. The Fourth Dimension: Layout SignificanceThere should always exist a balanced compositional kinship among the elements that comprise the finished adver tisement. The illustration is one element, a major one, the headline, signature, trade-mark are other elements, and woven with them, a part of their very fabric, treated as a distinct unit in the over-all pattern, is still another element: the typographic mass. The ultimate grouping of these inter-related units in one unified whole rhythmical, alive, cohesive is the finished layout and the intangible influence which typography exerts on this finished layout is typography s fourth dimensional aspect. Since the fourth dimension is so closely linked with abstract layout, the next step is to classify all adver tisements by layout and consider typography's fourth dimensional application to each classification. I suallv the largest and most dramatic element in an advertise ment is the illustration. Because of its importance in the general scheme of arrangement, it is advisable to build the categorization around this element. In their least-common-denominator forms, therefore, the layout divisions are: (1) layout with illustration of silhouette character, including specific silhouettes like shapes ol objects, stars, crescents, etc. (2) layout with illustra tion of block shape: geometric (triangle, square, rec tangle, pentagon, circle, etc.). (3) layout without illustration: all-type arrangements. Layout Classification One—The silhouette shape of the illustration presupposes surrounding white space. To obtain a decided contrast of major shapes, the typographic mass should be planned in regidar block patterns. If there is a typographic headline, it should be kept compact and solid and so placed as to have its line of direction at an angle with the illustration but generally pointing to it. The exact location of the silhouette illustration will dictate the proportions of the blocked typographic mass, whether it should be a long narrow column, a squat rectangle, and so on. Yn unusual blocked shape, like a triangular text, is em ployed as a general rule only when there is a corre spondingly triangular feeling in the illustration, or a total absence of such a feeling. In cases where the typography does follow the silhouette lines of the illus tration, the typographic mass should he blocked on the remaining three sides for retention of full legibility. Layout Classification TwoIt is seldom wise to re verse the rule of Number One for layouts with blocked illustrations. Such reversal generally results in jumpy, Jzumaue! ~~&y 691 FIFTH AVENUE NEW YORK J I mnnciiiatf (teaming, i" «he rfcf*b* of the ports - that's the first step of the Pond's Method - Apply Potua't Cot» C sr.'o!vcr your face am! neck, potting ir, with upward, outward strut;-* to ward 'z'i sagging ami wrinkles - Vi ait for the See light oils to sink deep down into the port sand Boat every particle of clogged dirt, powder and make-up to the Mtrfaee. Beaut/ is too important to be achieved casually. There must be a definite plan for improvement, devised by on authority and carried out through specialized treatments under expert direction. In Elizabeth Arden's Salons, assisted by one ol Miss Arden's well-trained staff, you may make such a plan, with complete confidence in the results. e for the regular care ol the skkl-tO keep it Iresh and firm and beautifully olive, you will be given the famous Muscle Stropping Skin Toning Treat ment. For special toning and tightening and to give on unusually silky look there is the Ardena Firming Treatment. e And...quite unlike anything you have ever expe rienced ...is the Vienna Youth Mask. By this unique treotment, face and neck are flushed with new blood to clear and brighten the skin NATU*AU>. The whole body is refreshed. The new"Differential" feature makes it possible to concentrate on the lines at the side of the mouth, puckery places around the eyes, loose skin on the throat. e Bodies ore given 'heir due, too. M.ss Arden pro vides everything to give them the süm grace and abounding vitality ol true heo!th...exercise, dancing, massage, light baths, Ardena baths ito melt oway pounds and reieose the body from fatigue). No wonder women aro thrilled to spend whole happy 1 mornings in this zestful atmosphere where each j passing hour brings a new measure of loveliness. Back of it aM is Miss Arden herself ...keen, rw unweor, for beauty, and caringbeyond all else... for the weil-being cf those women who trust their charm to her - and are never disappointed. e Ir is this worm personal interest which draws women irresistibly and assures them of results. It is waiting for you, too.

Advertising Arts en | 1932 | | page 53